Heatmaster Seamless – Heats up to 100m2

Seamless - Black 40 mm 4 sided Trim & Logs

The Heatmaster Seamless is an award winning gas fireplace. Designed with a sleek and highly detailed landscape finish. First of all, the Seamless glass front fits perfectly into any modern home and is certain to impress. This unit comes standard with an Australian drift wood log set, a programmable thermostat remote control and WiFi capability. […]

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Lopi 3615 HO GS2 – 950MM WIDE

LOPI 3615 HO GS2 – 950MM WIDE

The Lopi 3615 HO GS2 is the smallest in the line-up of our linear fireplaces. The smaller dimensions of the 3615 make it suitable for smaller room proportions or walls. The decreased size of the 3615 however does not mean a low heat output. With a gas input of 35Mj/hr and ceramic glass for increased […]

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Lopi 4415 HO GS2-1150MM WIDE

LOPI 4415 HO GS2-1150MM WIDE

The Lopi 4415 HO GS2 gas fireplace brings you the very best in home heating and style. With its sleek, linear appearance and impressively high heat output, this one is sure to impress. With a long row of dancing flames and built-in dual fans, the 4415 is not only an excellent heater but a beautiful […]

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Lopi 564 GS2 – Clean Face

Lopi 564 Clean Face

Made in America. Join the Lopi tradition by heating your home with the Lopi 564 GS2 gas fireplace. At Lopi we build only the highest quality fireplaces. Notice the detail and beauty in the log-set, the warm glowing fire and minimal lines. The design of the Lopi 564 GS2 allows you to add the beauty […]

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Lopi 564 HO GS2

Lopi 564HO GS - Dancing Fyre

Made in America. The Lopi 564 HO GS2 offers a choice of three different burner options; Ember-Fyre burner Dancing-Fyre burner Diamond-Fyre burner … with the choice of Driftwood or Stone. It is sure to keep things warmed up year round with the ability to heat up 158 square metres. The high efficiency fireplace offers a turn […]

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Lopi 6015 HO GS2 – 1550MM WIDE

LOPI 6015 HO GS2 – 1550MM WIDE

The Lopi 6015 HO GS2 is the largest in the Lopi linear range of gas fireplaces. The 6015 features almost 1.5 metres of flame, beauty and heat! With under lighting, glass and optional media, this fireplace will certainly be a focal point in your home as well as providing heating of up to 260Sqm. The […]

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Lopi 864 GS2 Clean Face

Lopi 864 GS2 Clear Face

The 864 GS2 is standard with the Clean Face meaning you can finish this fireplace in a minimal way. This model is perfect for bigger rooms or as a beautiful, decorative fire all year long. It features a wide Mega joule turn down range for more heat flexibility and flame viewing options. Featuring 864 square […]

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Lopi DVL GS2 – Heats up to 185m2

Lopi DVL GS2 - Dancing Fyre -Traditional Log

Made in America. DVL – Direct Vent Large – GS2 – Green Smart 2 Lopi DVL GS2 Direct Vent Large insert will turn your inefficient fireplace into a convenient source of gas heat. With the combination of connective heat, radiant heat and reduced depth dimension this insert is ideal for medium to large masonry fireplaces. The DVL […]

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Lopi DVS GS2 – Heats up to 140m2

Lopi DVS GS2 - Dancing Fyre-Traditional Log

Made in America. DVS – Direct Vent Small – GS2 – Green Smart 2. Lopi DVS GS2 Direct Vent Small insert will turn your inefficient fireplace into a convenient source of gas heat. With the combination of connective heat, radiant heat and reduced depth dimension this insert is ideal for small to mid-sized masonry fireplaces.  LPG/NG. […]

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Pacific Energy Esprit – Glass or River Rocks

Esprit Linear Gas Fireplace - Glass Media

The Esprit – Heats up to 90+m2 ( 8.9kW ) The Esprit linear gas fireplace offers Pacific Energy’s highest level of quality, technical innovation, and engineering in a modern landscape. For maximum heat and ultimate energy efficiency, the Esprit utilises large formed steel heat exchanges and standard one-touch programmable remote controls to provide quick, easy […]

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