Blaze B520 – Heats up to 180m2

Blaze B520 Inbuilt Convection Wood heater

Introducing the Inbuilt B520 from Blaze. Firstly, The B520 has been designed to be installed into a full masonry cavity. Also, there is an optional zero clearance Installation kit available. Easy to use features make this model a great addition to any living space. Above all, this model consists of 6mm steel construction, Black chrome handle, […]

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Blaze B820 – Heats 200-260m2

Blaze B820 Inbuilt convection Wood heater

The Inbuilt Blaze B820 has been designed to be installed into a full masonry cavity. Easy to use features make this model a great addition to any living space. Some highlights of the model consist of 6mm steel construction, Black chrome handle, ceramic glass and firebrick internal lining of the firebox. The B820 already meets […]

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Chazelle C800L Wood Fireplace

C800L Wood Fireplace

Due to the size, advanced technology and superior performance, the C800L is an Australian winner. For instance, the large glass door provides a perfect view of the crackling wood fire. As a result, the radiant C800L is the number one choice for architects, interior designers and homeowners who want the highest quality and performance from […]

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Jindara Barossa Inbuilt – Heats up to 240m2

Jindara Barossa Inbuilt wood heater

Introducing the Barossa. This powerful fan forced wood heater was designed to meet the requirements of larger homes in Australia’s harshest winter conditions.  It combines the stylish looks and innovative features of the smaller Riverina but with the vast firebox of the Barossa,it will effortlessly heat your entire home all winter long, Allowing you to sit […]

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Jindara Barwon Inbuilt – Heats up to 280m2

Jindara Barwon Inbuilt wood heater.

With the same firebox as the pedestal model, The Inbuilt Barwon is a contemporary style heater that is an essential addition for any home. With a deep ash bed burn chamber and enormous door opening, this heater is easy to load and operate. Having a large window it makes for a beautiful sight during cold winters. It […]

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Jindara Federation inbuilt – Heats up to 260m2

Jindara Federation Inbuilt Wood heater

The Federation allows for the traditional appearance of a wood heater, but keeping modern efficiency. The Federation has an optional Alloy fascia and timber mantle to really accentuate the traditional style. Coupled with a modern 3 speed fan, Large Self cleaning window and sturdy design, the Federation is a true classic. In conclusion, the Federation […]

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Jindara Grange Inbuilt – Heats up to 300m2

Jindara Grange Inbuilt wood heater.

Introducing the big brother of the Tilga, The Grange. Just like the entire Platinum series, this sleek and modern fan forced wood heater was designed for any home looking to add style and warmth. With an even bigger firebox than the Tilga, it combines modern looks to effortlessly heat your entire home all winter long, […]

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Jindara Hamersley inbuilt – heats up to 260m2

Jindara Hamersley Inbuilt Wood heater

The Hamersley inbuilt wood heater from Jindara combines a larger firebox with classic design. Creating a heater which will enhance any home. With a large glass window, you have a better view of the crackling fire. The inbuilt Hamersley meets 2019 standards with a 60% efficiency rating and a 1.4g/kg emissions rating. Features Huge, self […]

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Jindara Kimberley Inbuilt – Heats up to 220m2

Jindara Kimberley Inbuilt Wood heater

The Kimberley Inbuilt wood heater from Jindara brings a combination of fantastic efficiency and classic design, creating a heater worthy of being a centrepiece in any home. The large glass window allows a clearer view of the roaring fire. With an optional brushed chrome trim strip, you can pick what style suits your home the best. […]

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Jindara Riverina Inbuilt – Heats up to 160m2

Jindara Riverina Inbuilt Wood Heater.

If your home has an open brick fireplace, or you may be building a home and want to create an open fire feel, you can now convert to clean burning, high efficiency combustion heating with the Jindara Riverina. Based on the successful pedestal model, this insert allows you to achieve the best possible warmth for your family while not using […]

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