Pacific Energy – Alderlea T6 Wood Heater – Heats up to 300m2

Alderlea T6 Wood Heater

The Alderlea T6 is built for the larger homes – and built not only to perform, but with eye to detail with the stunning cast finish

A massive 450mm deep firebox is perfect for long 12 to 15 hour burn times: but its the fire that makes this heater a stand out, one of the most impressive fires you will ever see

  • Heats 280-300+m2
  • Super efficient for such a large heater at 64% efficiency with a 12+ hour burn time.


  • Knife Edge Door Seal: a sealed door every time.
  • Fully Fire bricked lined; all sides and base. More thermal mass means it stays hotter for longer.
  • Floating Firebox: no issues with expansion banging noises.
  • EBT2: means longer burn time.
  • Stainless Steel Top Baffle: pre-heats the combustion air for cleaner fire and quad burn.
  • Cast Iron Door: just much better quality than other steel press doors.
  • Roll-a-Door handle: for smooth door opening and closing.
  • HUGE air control: 100mm air adjustment means it easy to control your fire.
  • Ash Dump System standard: easy to clean and solid snap shut spring loaded door.
  • Optional Auto Fan: means the fan only blows hot air.

The Alderlea T6 is no ordinary heater

This is not just a large wood heater – it’s made to impress.

The outer cast casing gives this grand quality that you can not only see, but feel when you operate this heater.

Along with the top of the heater that opens to offer 2 large trivets, the Alderlea gives one of the most amazing flames you will ever see. When the afterburner kicks in, the flames re-burn the smoke that not offer cleaner burning and more heat – but looks just amazing.



Height 756mm
Width 749mm
Depth 730mm


Rear 175mm
Side 250mm
Corner 150mm


Heating Capacity 29kW or 290+m2
Efficiency 65%
Emissions 64%
Burn Time 12+ Hours
Weight 265Kg