Charnwood Aire 7 – Heats up to 140m2

Charnwood Aire 7

Available from March.

The popular Charnwood Aire 7 is coming to Australia.

Its massive glass door offers the best and biggest viewing to your fire. The Aire 7 is one of the cleanest burning radiant heaters around, offering Outside Air Intake; making it perfect for any passive or high efficiency home.

Fully vermiculite lined, massive clean glass viewing door, cool to touch lock style door handle, radiant sides, 10mm steel top and base, cast door, pull out ash bed for ease of cleaning, top or rear flue options, so many reasons that make this heater a must have for your home!

Additionally, you also have the choice between no base or the wood storage option for two different look and installation types!


Height 600mm
Width 535mm
Depth 428mm
Emissions rating 0.9g/Kg
Efficiency rating 69%
Heating area Heats up to 140m2

Clearances to combustible surfaces

Rear clearance 100mm
Side clearance 425mm
Corner clearance 250mm