Charnwood Arc 7 – Heats up to 160m2

Charnwood Arc 7

Available from March.

The Charnwood Arc 7 is the ultimate wood heater for any passive, or high efficiency home.

Not only is the stylish euro design just stunning, but its design is all about giving you true enjoyment of owning a wood heater.

In addition, you have the option of an outside air intake for your fire and a sealed flue system which is perfect for a passive home. But its the quality of the Charnwood Arc 7 that you will truly love.

Coming standard with a grate and ash tray for ease of cleaning, this feature means lighting your Charnwood Arc 7 is super easy, meaning a hotter fire – faster.


  • 10mm steel top and base.
  • 5mm sides.
  • fully vermiculite lined.
  • outside air intake standard.
  • top or rear flue options.
  • convection “cool to touch” sides.
  • cast “riddle style” grate and ash tray.
  • wood storage base.


Height Low-832mm Storage Base-1040mm
Width 502mm
Depth 449mm
Efficiency 70%
Emissions 0.8g/Kg
Heating area Up to 160m2

Clearances to combustible surfaces

Rear clearance 100mm
Side clearance 400mm
Corner clearance 275mm