Esse 500+1 Wood Stove

ESSE 500 Wood Stove

The compact ESSE 500+1 wood stove is perfect for the home that needs a cooker…but does not have all the space

With a deep single oven, the esse 500+1 you are not compromising anything…she still bakes like the bigger cookers

Large Hot Plate Cooking

A single large hot plate with removable round rings gives you the added bonus to Wok cook on a wood stove

Glass Firebox Door

And the added feature of a glass door not only allows you to see your fire burning cleanly away, but also adds extra heat to your home – up to 50m2 of heat.

esse 500 wood stove
esse 500 wood stove

Hot Water…no problems

Add hot water to heat up to a 400Ltr hot water tank – this little cooker is the cooker that can!

Clean Burning

The ESSE 500+1 offers a catalytic after burn to re-burn the smoke…this not only means your ESSE 500+1 is one of the cleanest burning cookers, but it will burn for 12+ hours easily

Enamel Finish

With 5 coats of glass enamel, the ESSE 500+1 is not only robust, but has 30 enamel colours to choose from

esse colour range
selection of esse’s colour range

Esse 500+1 Wood Review

How esse wood stoves are made


Height 900mm
Width 500mm
Depth 600mm


Rear 100mm
Side 25mm


Heating 52m2
Efficiency 68%
Emissions 1.8Grms
Hot Water 3.8kW Optional