Esse 700 Vista – Heats up to 110m2

Esse 700 Vista Wood stove

The Esse 700 Vista has the same British quality as all Esse stoves.

Firstly, Being 100% English Hand-made, your Esse 700 is a perfect addition for any home. Secondly, with Esse’s signature arched window, the 700 is a fantastic focal point no matter where its located. Additionally, the Vista has an optional wood box stand, for convenient log storage at the base of the heater.

The 700 Vista already meets 2019 standards with a 64% average efficiency rating and a 1g/kg emissions rating.


  • Large Arched glass window.
  • Multi-fuel heater, Burn Wood OR Briquettes.
  • Dual air controls, for optimum use.
  • Cast Iron top, for your Kettle or Pot roast.
  • Hidden ash tray.
  • 6-8 Hour Burn time.
  • Heats up to 110m2.

Specifications (Legs)

Height 677mm
Width 572mm
Depth 382mm
Heating Area 110m2

Specifications (Wood Box)

Height 833mm
Width 561mm
Depth 339mm
Heating Area 110m2