Esse 905 Wood Stove

ESSE 905 Wood Stove

The Esse 905 is perfect for the die hard foodie that just loves to bake. With 2 large cooking ovens both 460mm deep, it will take the largest deep baking trays and with equal heat, the oven offers a baking experience that will turn anyone into a true home baker. Esse’s unique Dog-bone hot plate is massive. Its designed to allow up to 6 pots on at the same time. Two stunning chromed hot plate covers allow you to have your stove ticking over all day without over heating your home. The Esse 905 is available with no hot water or a 4 kW wet back. 4 Kw is enough hot water to heat up to a 400 litre tank!

There is over 20 enamel finishes available. With up to 5 coats of glass enamel, this not only gives your cooker a robust working surface, but with Esse’s choice of colours you can really make your Esse 905 yours.

Esse’s optional electric companion can be added to your Esse 905 to give you the ultimate all year round cooking solution



Width 905mm
Height 900mm
Depth 600mm


Rear 40mm
Side 30mm


905WN No Hot water
905WD 3kW Domestic Hot Water
905W45 10kW High Power Boiler