Esse 990 ELX Electric Range Cooker

Esse 990 ELX Electric stove

The ESSE 990 ELX electric range cooker brings commercial cooking into your own home. Designed by chefs who want the same style of cooking they use at work; but with the style and character of a traditional cast range stove.

The hot plate cook top is like your very own commercial kitchen. With 3 induction hot plates PLUS the largest skillet cook top ever made, cooking is even easier.

Furthermore, with 2 of the largest true baking ovens PLUS a warming oven, it gives you 3 serious baking ovens. All our convection cast ovens bake just like a wood stove; But run off of Esses’ patented wrap around electric elements that provide equal and perfect heat.

Everyone hates the clean up after cooking, so to have hidden controls, there is no need to worry.

Finished in a selection of enamel colours: you can design your 990 ELX to make it yours!

Run your stove all day for only $1.00! Esse have made the 990ELX electric range cookers one of the most efficient cookers on the market. Using 2 x 13 amp plug in power and Esse’s unique slumber mode, this gives you a cooker with total control.


Height 900mm
Width 990mm
Depth 600mm