Esse Bakeheart wood stove

ESSE Bakeheart

Made in the UK – ESSE have been hand making wood stoves since 1854…

The Esse Bakeheart is the newest to the Ironheart Family. Offering a stunning interpretation of an traditional bakers oven, packed with features AND tuned for the highest performance; the Bakeheart is no ordinary cooker! Using the same principles as the best selling Ironheart, the wood fired Bakeheart offers a clear view of the flames through the large glass door and provides ample heat to keep a country kitchen warm and toasty all night long with an extra long burn time.

Large Single Oven

Esse’s unique 32 litre oven is not only easy to use, but it also holds the deepest baking trays (up to 450mm deep). Designed for an average cooking temperature of 180°C, it bakes just like only an ESSE can. The heavy oven construction offers even cooking, no more needing to turn your cookie tray around during baking!

Variable shelf positions and the ability to cook directly on the oven floor (perfect for breads or scones) makes this the not-so-little oven that can!

Easy to use Cook Top

The Target style cook top has 4 heat zones (ranging from 190°c to 300°c) – allowing you to get the most from your cooker. The patented ESSE hot plate cover allow you to sizzle, steam, toast, braise, boil or fry! You can cook directly on the hot plate to have one amazing steam/char grilled finished that every Chef is looking for!
The removable rings allow you to pop a wok almost directly over the flames for an intense heat.

BBQ INSIDE your stove

Your Bakeheart firebox is designed that you can BBQ inside.

The stainless steel removable grill has 2 height options, perfect for cooking the juiciest steak over hot glowing coals.

You can also put a Pizza Stone on the rack and cook a pizza inside the firebox…or fish in the firebox…the options are limitless!


Trap that HEAT…

Your Bakeheart comes standard with Esse’s unique Bolster Kit (hot plate cover) PLUS the removable screen that clips on the towel rail to defuse the heat from the massive glass door…FINALLY a Bakers Oven that you can use all year round and stand in front of.

Oh, and about that firebox

Designed to accommodate dry, seasoned logs of up to 360mm in length, the Bakeheart can be installed pretty much anywhere to provide a reliable ‘off-grid’ source of heat for extended periods. You can also add on the optional 2.8kW Heavy Duty Stainless Steel domestic hot water jacket, perfect for heating up to a 300ltr hot water to provide hot water for your home.

Important Information

Negative house pressure is a common problem that can cause fireplaces and wood-burning appliances to smoke. This is probably the least understood house issue, but one that usually can be easily corrected. The ESSE Bakeheart comes with a fresh air kit inlet as standard – all you need to do it run a duct to outside for fresh air into your Bakeheart Fire.

Fresh air ducting is highly recommended for any new home, or for homes with people with breathing issues


Height 900mm
Width 500mm
Depth 600mm
Rear 225mm
Side (below hob) 130mm
Side (above hob) 500mm
Corner 275mm
Heating Capacity 50+m2
Burn Time 12+ hours
Emissions 1.4grms
Efficiency 66%
Oven Dimensions
Size 32ltrs
Width 350mm
Depth 450mm
Height 200mm
Glass Door Standard
removable Screen Standard
Firebox Depth 360mm (14in)
Hot Plate Cooking
Zones 4
Temperature range 190oC-300oC
Heating Capacity
Heating 50+m2
Hot Water optional 2.8kW wet back


Height 900mm
Width 500mm
Depth 600mm
Weight 195kg


Rear 225mm
Side 130mm
Corner 275mm


Oven Size H 200mm X W 350mm X D 450mm
Optional H/Water 2.8kW
Outside Fresh Air Standard