Lopi 864ST GS2 (SEE THROUGH) – Heats up to 135m2

Lopi 864ST GS2 Double sided Heater (see through)

The 864ST GS2 maintains tranquility with a perfect balance between the firebox, logs and flames. The logs and fire have been carefully designed to give you a different look from either side. Compare the amazingly realistic nine piece log set with any other see through fireplace on the market! The unique split-level Dancing-Fyre™ burner will give you a warm, yellow fire with glowing embers that’s hard to tell apart from the real thing.

The 864ST GS2, is a fireplace with two points of view. For example, You can personalize each room using a different fascia on each side of the fireplace. Similarly, you can choose one of the standard grill sets or even choose one of the beautiful upgraded fascias.


Heats up to 135 sqm
Heat Output 8.10 kW

Unit Dimensions

Height 972 mm
Width 1118 mm
Depth 666 mm

Framing Dimensions

Height 978 mm
Width 1118 mm
Depth 666 mm