Oblica – Invicta Argos – Heats up to 190m2

Invicta ARGOS

Made in France.

Tall, Slim and Effortlessly stylish, Argos makes a beautiful addition to any space. Firstly,  everything about Argos makes an impact, its design using bold lines and elegant edges to their full potential. Secondly, thanks to clever post-combustion technology, a single fuel load can keep Argos burning for up 10 hours, making nights by the fire luxuriously long.

Chic, Sleek and Efficient design allows for use with multiple spaces and designs.


Burns up to 10 hrs
Heat output 12 kW
Efficiency 76 %
Heats up to 192 sqm


Width 531 mm
Depth 530 mm
Height 1250 mm