Blaze B820

Heats up to 260m²


The Inbuilt Blaze B820 has been designed to be installed into a full masonry cavity. Easy to use features make this model a great addition to any living space. Some highlights of the model consist of 6mm steel construction, Black chrome handle, ceramic glass and firebrick internal lining of the firebox.

The B820 already meets 2019 standards with a 0.9g/kg emissions rating and a 70% Peak efficiency rating(ave 61%).


  • Insulated firebox.
  • Heat exchange fins.
  • Convection chambers.
  • 3 speed Remote control fan.
  • Removable ashtray.
  • Optional Zero clearance kit 50mm or 100mm.
  • Optional 3 & 4 sided fascias.


Height 654mm
Width 878mm
Depth 501mm