Charnwood Arc 7

Heats up to 130m²


With a stunning curved front, tall, elegant glass and a super easy to clean griddle plate firebox, there’s something unique about the Charnwood Arc 7. Made on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, this heater is a stunning example of European design meeting modern wood heating technology.

The Arc 7 is the ultimate wood heater for any passive home. This heater has the capacity to heat up to 130m², a perfect amount for a standard home. And with extremely low emissions, at just 0.8g, it is an extremely clean burning unit. This is greatly aided by the 70% efficiency, which means you’ll burn a lot less wood than you would with other heaters of its class. And with the option to top or rear flue your unit, and the optional wood storage box, you can find the perfect look for the Arc 7 to fit into your home.

The inside of the firebox is truly spectacular on the Arc 7. Fully vermiculite lined, the fire is stunning against the gorgeous bricks. But the magic is truly with Charnwood’s shaker grate. Using the shaker grate, which you utilize with a tool on the outside of the unit, you can shake the ash from the firebox into the ash pans below, and simply empty the ash pans at your convenience.

A wood heater needs oxygen to burn, and unfortunately, they can struggle in new homes, due to how airtight they have become. The solution is the Outside Air Intake. This brings fresh air into your wood heater, allowing your fire to burn perfectly without any complications. Coupling this with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit allows you to keep the heat your heater produces inside the room, allowing you to save up to 8% on your heater’s running costs.

When it comes to style, there’s almost no competition for the Arc 7. With its unique euro design, curved front, and curved glass, it truly is a wood heater without equal.




Height Low - 832mm Storage Base - 1040mm
Width 493mm
Depth 449mm
Efficiency 70%
Emissions 0.8g
Heating Capacity 130m²

Clearances to combustible surfaces

Rear clearance 100mm
Side clearance 400mm
Corner clearance 275mm