Charnwood Bay BX

Heats up to 120m²


Introducing the Charnwood Bay BX, the ultra-modern Linea wood heater, with awesome customization. Be enchanted by the flickering flames in the long, horizontal firebox, visible through the large, clean glass. And with the extraordinary performance and various base options, the Bay BX is a truly fantastic heater.

Designed and manufactured on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, the Bay BX boasts the best of British engineering with a cool, modern design. A nice mid-weight heater, the Bay BX heats up to 120m², so it’s about right for the average living room. But the Bay doesn’t just look and feel pretty, it’s also environmentally conscious, with fantastic emissions rating of 0.8g.Unique to the Bay BX is the multitude of base options available, allowing you to customize the height and style of your wood heater. There is the pedestal, the wood stand, the longer bench, or you can have it without a stand, perfect for a concrete bench.

The Bay BX comes with the option to add an Outside Air Intake to the back of the unit. This Outside Air Intake is a duct which runs to the outside of the house. The duct brings fresh air into the Bay BX, allowing your fire to breathe without bringing air from the room, which could be limited in a new home, or create draughts in and older home. The Outside Air Kit works extremely well with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, which retains heat in the room which is lost in traditional air-cooled flue kits. Working together, these two additions to the Bay BX allow it to be completely sealed top to bottom, so the heater can heat the room without worrying about air loss.

You can’t go past the Bay BX when it comes to modern Linea wood heaters. Its unique design and incredible technical specifications are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the Bay BX can do.


Height 500mm
Width 688mm
Depth 403mm
Efficiency 68%
Emissions 0.8g
Heating Capacity 120m2

Clearances to combustible surfaces

Rear clearances 100mm
Side clearances 200mm
Corner clearances 70mm