Charnwood Cove 3

The Cove is one of Charnwood’s most revered range of wood-burning stoves: a union of the very best features of our past and present stoves finished with a soft contemporary edge. One single, curved door offers a breathtaking view of the fire whilst its highly advanced combustion system ensures optimum efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn – more heat from less fuel.

Whilst the cove is sophisticated in design, it is incredibly simple to operate. One multi-functional tool is used to open the door, de-ash, and empty it. It features Charnwood’s unrivaled converting grate, advanced clean burn technology, and the patented Quattroflow air management system. The optional external air kit enables the air supply to be channeled from outside directly into the stove through the rear of the Quattroflow box.

With its gentle curved door and soft lines the Charnwood Cove creates a powerful focal point for any room. With a rated output of 10.5kW, it is ideally suited to a larger room or open-plan area. The Cove 3 is able to take a log length of up to half a metre and once again it comes with a versatile choice of two base options to suit your style.


  • Two Designs – Low or Store Stand (Store adds 30cm to height)
  • Top or Rear Flue
  • Optional Rear vertical Flue adapter
  • Outside Air standard
  • Riddling grate & ashtray
  • Radiant Fire


Height 1030cm
Width 660cm
Depth 441cm
Emmisions 1.1grms
Efficiency 71%
Heating Capacity 270-300m2

Clearance to Combustible

Rear 100mm
Side 550mm
Corner 300mm