Charnwood Island II

Heats up to 150m²


Vintage in style, yet awesome at heart, the Charnwood Island II is a British made marvel of a wood heater designed to bring about the best in modern wood heating while still hitting that old school look and feel. And with nearly fifty years of wood heating experience, if there’s anyone who can strike this fine line, it’s the Isle of Wight’s very own Charnwood Stoves.

It’s hard not to stress how incredible the doors on the Charnwood Island II are. Made from British cast-iron, these sturdy, high quality doors give the Island II its signature look, while providing an excellent view of the flames within. With a thick rope seal to contain the air, and a cool to touch handle which doubles as a locking mechanism, the doors of the Island II are easily their most impressive feature. It’s also cleaning burning too, with low emissions at 0.8g. And the environmental friendliness doesn’t stop there, with efficiency at 68%, you’ll burn less wood than other similar heaters, which is great for the back pocket and the environment.

The Island II has an awesome heating capacity of up to 150m², making it a true mid-sized heater. This heat can be controlled with the notched cool to touch air control located just underneath the doors. The top of the unit also functions as a cooktop, perfect for the kettle or a simmering pot, and this space can be enhanced with one of the Island II’s coolest features. The Island II has the capacity for rear flue. This allows the flue to connect at the rear of the unit, perfect for a wall penetration install or to give you more cooktop space. This works fantastically with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, which keeps the heat sealed inside the room, and can be utilised for any rear or top flue options.

What helps set the Island series apart is the shaker grate at the bottom of the firebox. Made of twelve gorgeous cast iron fingers, using the riddle grate brings all the ash in your firebox into the ash pans below, which makes cleaning your wood heater a breeze.

An ideal wood heater for those wanting something a bit retro and vintage looking, while still maintaining modern heating performance, the Charnwood Island II is a gorgeous little unit, made from high quality materials and truly built to last. This stunning heater comes with the option for a store stand to allow wood storage beneath the heater as seen in the video below.



Height 675mm
Width 614mm
Depth 448mm
Emissions 0.8g
Efficiency 69%
Heating Capacity 150m²

Clearances to combustible surfaces

Rear clearance 100mm
Side clearance 450mm
Corner clearance 275mm