Chazelles TQH43

Heats up to 200m2


Chazelles TQH43 wood heater offers the combined pleasure of simple operation and beautiful design.

Firstly, new technology preheats the combustion air to over 200°C and delivers it slowly and evenly over the fire. As a result, you get spectacular flame effects, from roaring fire to multicolored combustion flames that dance above the logs with the touch of a button.

The tempo of the fire will intensify or slow down at the touch of a button. The remote control is equipped with a thermostat which lets you select your desired temperature which regulates itself automatically. Available as an option, the remote control kit allows you to adjust the size of the fire without having to get up. This multi function remote control kit comes with a stylish handset with clear, digital displays and a keypad which is easy to use and program.

360º rotating fireplace, side door for convenient loading & remote control.

Flexibility is central to the TQH Concept. This model has a choice of 3 stands, all of which allow the heater to rotate 360 degrees. This lets you to enjoy the comfort and warmth of the fire from all angles of the room. There is also a rotational kit available. Allowing your TQH43 heater to rotate atop any stand of your own creation. The TQH models feature a side door for a convenient wood loading.


Height 822mm
Width 685mm
Depth 488mm
Efficiency 77% Peak
Emissions 1.1g/Kg
Heating area Up to 200m2

Clearances to combustible surfaces -