ESSE 1000 W


Handcrafted by the ESSE Master Stove Makers in Lancashire, United Kingdom, the ESSE 1000 W is the culmination of over 150 years of stove making experience. This is truly wood fired cooking brought into the modern age.

The main feature of the ESSE 1000 W is it’s three true ovens. Each oven features ESSE’s wrap around technology to ensure even cooking throughout, but each one has a different temperature, to bring the best out of your cooking no matter what you’re preparing. Nestled on the top left of the wood stove is the firebox. Open the door to allow the heat to permeate through your room, or open the glass door, slide in the ESSE grill tray, and cook perfect steaks, sausages, or toasted buns directly over the flames. Or load it up with wood and get an incredible 15 hours of burn time. Overnight burn on a wood stove? It can do it.

Resting above the firebox is the dog-bone hotplate. Placing a kettle directly over the firebox is perfect for a boil, while sliding it across to the right brings it down to a simmer. This gradient temperature allows you to truly control your cooking, and being a true cooktop, you can cook directly on top of the hotplate. Cook some chicken skewers or fish directly on the top or throw down some veggies and a splash of water and close the bolster lids for a fantastic char-steam. The cooking possibilities are endless with the ESSE 1000 W.

With the ESSE 1000 W, your wood stove is going to look like a wood stove. With a gorgeous matte black finish, your ESSE looks and feels like a heritage stove.

If you want to ensure cleaning your ESSE 1000 W is as easy as possible, ensure to upgrade to Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit. Both standard painted and deluxe enamel have an easy access door, allowing you to clean your flue with ease.

ESSE’s passion and fervour for high quality stoves and food all comes to a head in the ESSE 1000 W. Its unbelievable ovens and fantastic hotplate provide a multitude of cooking opportunities, and the firebox and bolster lids only serve to enhance the brilliance of this stove.