ESSE 1000 X


The stunning Esse 1000X electric range cooker. Bringing back traditional styling, but with the most modern attention to technology with the Esse 1000X. The quality of the cooker, the solid enamel doors are built to the highest standards, and the weight and quality to touch make you fall in love with the 1st touch, every time.

A serious eye to running costs, with Esse’s ECO mode – making it the most efficient range cooker in the market. But it is really about the cooking, and OMG can she cook – Esse brings you back the enjoyment of cooking like grandma used to do. The ovens bake just like a traditional Esse oven, your food will be more moist, and the hot plates give you both induction + skillet cooking. The esse 1000X – More than just a range cooker, it’s the feature of your home.

This cooker includes a three-zone induction hob which offers fingertip control for precision cooking while the large steel plancha-style hotplate opens up a whole world of new possibilities. The opposing side includes an area perfect for cooking drop scones or flatbreads directly on the large, flat cook plate. Char-grill vegetables for extra flavor or steam and sizzle meat and fish with bistro-style flair.

The 1000X is perfect for the largest of families, it is just amazing how much you can cook, bake, grill, fry, and boil all at the same time. The Esse ovens offer the traditional style of baking in a cast oven but it’s electric and the heat-up time is faster; taking under 18 minutes to reach max temp. Both the right-hand ovens are true ovens – independently controlled, you can bake both mains and dessert at the same time. The top right-hand oven also includes a full-width grill, with amazing heat-up time, this grill is perfect for the browning off; or the best for toasties.

Below the concealed control panel, the bottom left oven is a traditional warming oven. set to 75 degrees, this oven automatically turns on when you use either of the right-hand side ovens.

Small details such as the color-matching bolster lids and the long-established traditional chrome towel rail, bring together this beautifully modernized stive cooker.


Height 900mm
Width 985mm
Depth 640mm


Rear 10mm
Side 10mm
Corner 10mm