Grates & Ash pans

Log Grate & Ash Pans

Cast Iron Grates & Ash pans

For those who still use a traditional open wood fire; We are able to supply 5 sizes of cast iron grates with optional Ash Pans to suit. Secondly, these heavy duty cast iron grates are ordered as required and can take 7-10 days to arrive from the eastern states. Please see specifications to find the grate that suits your fire.


ALL LOG GRATES 350mm D x 160mm H
ALL ASH PANS 280mm D x 55mm H
Grate No 1 450mm (18") W
Ash pan No 1 310mm W
Grate No 2 585mm (23") W
Ash pan No 2 460mm W
Grate No 3 685mm (27") W
Ash pan No 3 540mm W
Grate No 4 755mm (30") W
Ash pan No 4 620mm W
Grate No 5 900mm W
Ash pan No 5 770mm W