Heatmaster 900 Open wood fire

Heatmaster 900 Inbuilt open wood fire

Heatmasters open wood fires are Australian owned and manufactured and the only open fire to be Awarded the prestigious Australian Design Award. Firstly, Heatmasters open wood fires provide ambience, atmosphere, warmth and style.

The 900 is the largest of the Open wood designs from Heatmaster. These modern fireplaces can suit both indoor or outdoor living spaces. With the use of your imagination or the range of decorative fascias and finishes available; you can create a style from the contemporary to the traditional.

The Heatmaster “A Series”, an insulated firebox, designed for use in timber and gyprock fireplaces. Alternatively, the “B Series” uninsulated fireboxes suit installation into an existing brick chimney. Heatmaster’s fireplaces are eight times more efficient than traditional brick fireplaces making them an ideal alternative.  Additionally the unique removable ashtray makes cleaning a breeze.

In conclusion, the open wood fireplace is an exceptional addition to any Australian home by providing lasting ambience and atmosphere.

Insulated dimensions

Height 740mm
Width 1060mm
Depth 565mm

Uninsulated Dimensions

Height 730mm
Width 1055mm
Depth 480mm


  • Heatmaster-Open-Wood-Fireplaces-2018m.pdf Download
  • A-Series-Timber-Installation-Guide.pdf Download
  • B_series_brick_installation_guide.pdf Download