Hergom Glance L

Heats up to 180m2

For over 50-years, Hergom has been producing efficient, sustainable and technically advanced fireplaces from a state-of-the-art foundry in Santander. Firstly, their wood stoves are among the cleanest burning in the world; providing maximum heat and fuel performance with minimal emissions. Secondly, casting in their own foundry, Hergom carries out and guarantees the full production, including design, castings and the finished product. In the production process, Hergom uses selected material and components to guarantee optimal durability, reliability and performance.

From the Copenhagen design studio Strand & Hvass, the Hergom Glance L wood-burning fireplace marries design and exceptional build quality with 180° views of roaring flames. The Glance’s double combustion system allows for a cleaner and more efficient burn. It does this by injecting air into the firebox and re-igniting unburnt particles before they exit through the chimney.

The distinctive aesthetics of the Glance L make it an undisputed focal point in any room.


Height 822mm
Width 700mm
Depth 411mm
Emissions 1.2g/Kg
Efficiency 60% Average
Heating area Up to 180m2

Combustible surface Clearances

No shielding-Rear Clearances 400mm
No shielding-Side Clearances 400mm
No shielding-Front Clearances 450mm
No shielding-Corner Clearances 150mm
Firebox Rear Heat Shield-Rear Clearances 300mm
Firebox Rear Heat Shield-Side Clearances 475mm
Firebox Rear Heat Shield-Front Clearances 450mm
Firebox Rear Heat Shield-Corner Clearances 150mm
Heat Shield and Flue Shield-Rear Clearances 175mm
Heat Shield and Flue Shield-Side Clearances 475mm
Heat Shield and Flue Shield-Front Clearances 450mm
Heat Shield and Flue Shield-Corner Clearances 150mm


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