Hergom Vista – Heats up to 180m2


Cast in their own foundry the Vista from Hergom has a contemporary design incorporating curved lines that offer a rigid contrast to the fluidity of the flames, visible  through the large glass front. The Vista provides a substantial 15.2kw of heat output with an average of 63% efficiency. Providing a constant, gentle warmth due to the heat retention properties of its robust cast iron, the Vista continues to emit heat even after the fire has died down. In addition, the combustion chambers internal plates are also made of cast iron.

Hergom has payed attention to the smallest details; like the polished stainless steel handle, which is a dramatic contrast to the rich dark grey of the cast iron.
In the more than fifty years of professional experience, Hergom has perfected its production process. Controlling first-hand the design, casting and manufacturing of each of its products.


Height 1065mm
Width 530mm
Depth 460mm
Efficiency rating 63% Average
Emissions rating 1.5g/Kg
Heating area Up to 180m2

Combustible surface Clearances

No shielding-Rear Clearances 900mm
No shielding-Side Clearances 1025mm
No shielding-Front Clearances 300mm
No shielding- Corner Clearances 925mm
Firebox Heat Shield-Rear Clearances 475mm
Firebox Heat Shield-Side Clearances 950mm
Firebox Heat Shield-Front Clearances 300mm


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