Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit


Designed in Australia, Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit is the latest innovation in Flue Technology. Based on designs used throughout Europe and Canada, this twist lock is perfect for any new home wishing to have a wood heater. Sealed to the room, this flue keeps 8% more heat inside than traditional air-cooled flue kits, which keeps you warmer and saves you money on wood.

The Insulated Room Sealed Flue boasts a simple yet effective design. The 150mm interior active flue is made from stainless steel, with 50mm of ceramic insulation wrapped around it. The insulation is the covered by the outer casing, a 200mm stainless steel pipe. Both ends are then sealed, with a male and female twist on either end which creates the twist lock joint. With the flue fully sealed, there are no loose pieces of ceramic insulation, meaning it is completely safe to handle, unlike insulated flue from the old days.

One of the most special parts of the flue kit is the ceiling. With a ring of insulation around the ring, which pushes up hard against the ceiling, this is what makes the room completely airtight. This allows you to keep all the heat in the room, not lose 8% up a traditional air-cooled flue kit, which allows you to stay warmer for longer.

Inside your room, the Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit is painted with Stove Bright paint, the same paint as your wood heater. This means your flue will match your heater perfectly and allows you to touch up the flue in the event of any scratches without issue, keeping it looking brand new for many years to come.

What separates this flue from others on the market is its unique twist-lock connection between pieces. This extremely simple connection allows the pieces to click together without hassle, far easier than screwing lengths together on other flues. And by attaching the locking band over the joint, you ensure a secure connection between the two pieces of flue.

In addition to standard lengths, there are a variety of different pieces available for the Room Sealed Flue Kit which allow you to customize the flue to suit your home and needs. With bends available to get around roof hips and beams, adjustable lengths to give you a bit more reach, and T-pieces to flue directly out the back wall, the Room Sealed Flue Kit has a solution for every home.

Another huge advantage the Room Sealed Flue Kit has over other flue is its diameter. Traditional flue is 300mm wide, while the Room Sealed Flue Kit is only 250mm wide. That 50mm difference might not seem like much, but when the clearances for both flues are 25mm on either side, it can often mean the difference between being clear of timber beams or having to find another solution.

The Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit can go on all freestanding wood heaters, which gives you great flexibility in selecting the right heater for your home, without having to compromise on the flue. And with the twist lock design, strong insulation, and unlimited customizability, it’s not hard to see why this flue is a stellar choice for your wood heater installation.



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