Jotul F100 – Heats up to 120m2

Jotul F100

Made in Norway

Jotul F100 is small in size but big in performance.  The attractive pattern in the cast iron and up to 9 kW peak output in thermal performance means that the the stove makes its presence known in every room, both aesthetically and temperature-wise.

Despite the F100’s small size of the stove, it has a big glass door that gives a good view of the fire.

The F100 already meets 2019 standards with an amazing 83% peak efficiency and a 1.4g/kg emissions rating.

Available in traditional matte black paint.

Optional Flue Adapter – 115 mm to 150 mm available.


Output 7 KW
Emissions rating 1.2g/kg
Efficiency rating 68% Average
Heating area Up to 120m2
Weight 97kg
Maximum log size 400 mm


Height 625mm
Width 528mm
Depth 336mm
Depth with ash front 445mm

Combustible surface clearances - Decromesh Kit

Rear Clearance 200mm
Side Clearances 500mm
Corner Clearances 375mm
Front clearance 300mm