Jotul F520 – Heats up to 140m2

Jotul F 520 (wood storage base)

The F520 allows panoramic views of the fire, creating the experience of a live campfire in your own home. The F520 offers a wide expanse of glass. As a result, the Beautiful flames can be enjoyed from three sides of the heater. With a special glass coating, there is no need for constant cleaning. The smart construction of the air valves makes the stove easy to light and user friendly. The white enameled burn plates offer a clean and light view of the burn chamber also when the stove is not in use. The base has been designed for easy storage of wood.

The F520 meets 2019 standards with a 73% peak efficiency rating and a 1.4g/kg emissions rating.


Height 1000mm
Width 594mm
Depth 442mm
Log size 500mm
Emissions 1.4g/Kg
Efficiency 65% Average

Combustible surface clearances - Reflector Shield.

Rear Clearance 200mm
Side Clearances 650mm
Corner Clearances 400mm
Front Clearance 300mm