Lopi 564 HO GS2 – Heats up to 158m2

Lopi 564HO GS - Dancing Fyre

Made in America.

The Lopi 564 HO GS2 offers a choice of three different burner options;

  1. Ember-Fyre burner
  2. Dancing-Fyre burner
  3. Diamond-Fyre burner … with the choice of Driftwood or Stone.

It is sure to keep things warmed up year round.

The high efficiency fireplace offers a turn down ratio of up to 71% (NG) or 79% (LPG).  The pyro-ceramic glass face enhances the radiant heat that ultimately warms the surfaces of your home helping assisting the high heating performance of this fireplace.


Heats up to 158 sqm
Maximum output 7.5 kW
Energy Star Rating 3.0

Face Dimensions

Shadowbox 1149 mm w x 819 mm h
Wilmington 915 mm w x 737 mm h
Classic, Artisian, French Country 915 mm w x 807 mm h (top of arch)
Metropolitan 915 mm w x 737 mm h