Lopi Flush Wood Large NexGen-Fyre – Heats up to 300m2

Lopi Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Large - Shadow Box Face/Black

Made in America.

Flush Wood Large NexGen-Fyre fireplace insert features the exclusive clean burning NexGen-Fyre Technology. As a result this heater has an excellent emissions rating of only 1.0g/Kg using hardwood. Also with that reduction in emissions comes almost ZERO carbon monoxide remaining through all burn cycles. This means more heat from less wood, which means greater savings on your heating costs!

Heating up to 300m2 and a burn time of up to 12 hours, the .085 cubic metre firebox accommodates 610mm logs which makes long burn times an easy feat! Designed so it can fit into most fireplace openings, it is also approved for both masonry and zero clearance installations. In addition, it also features a bypass damper for smoke free starting and reloading.

With a large single cast iron door, it has a large viewing area of 319 square inches of glass!

The Flush wood comes standard with twin 90 CFM convection fans to increase heat output and efficiency.


Height 597mm
Width 788mm
Depth 483mm


Emissions 0.9 g/kg
Heats Up to 300m2
Burn time Up to 12 hrs
Efficiency 67% Average
Maximum log size 610mm

Combustible surface clearances

Heater Base to Mantle 1300mm
Heater Base to Top Facing 1210mm
Firebox Side to Side Facing 175mm