Lopi Flush Wood Medium Nexgen-Fyre – Heats up to 250m2

Lopi Flush Wood Medium Nexgen-Fyre

The Lopi Flush wood Medium features low emissions of only 1.1g/Kg, making this insert one of the cleanest burning wood heaters on the market. Designed with a peak efficiency of 71%, this allows it to perform for up to 10 hours!

Secondly, this streamlined Lopi offers the option of four different faces! This allows you to find the best look to suit your home.

The Shadowbox and Times square faces are designed for those wanting straighter lines to fit with a more contemporary interior. But if you’re looking for a finish with a little more detail, the Metropolitan and Universal are best suited.

Additionally, the Flush wood comes standard with quiet blowers for increased convection heat.


Height 547mm
Width 734mm
Depth 483mm
Efficiency 65% Average
Emissions 1.5g/Kg

Combustible surface clearances

Heater Base to Mantle 1195mm
Heater Base to Top Facing 750mm
Firebox Side to Side Facing 100mm
Firebox Side to Side Wall 229mm


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