Nectre Inbuilt LE – Heats up to 160m2

Nectre Inbuilt LE

Made in Australia.

This inbuilt is beautifully compact but yet powerful.

A feature of many older Australian homes is the often original fireplace, while these fireplaces have a distinctive charm they don’t provide the same warmth of a modern Nectre fireplace.

It will fit easily into most existing fireplaces and will produce 15 kW to heat an area of 160m2.  The inbuilt firebox is designed as an efficient heat exchanger which maximizes the amount of convected warm air for circulation through your home.

Your old fireplace will now work more efficiently, us less wood and still retain its unique charm.



  • Cast iron door with ceramic glass
  • Stay cool spring handle
  • Finished in black metallic paint
  • Maximum log width 430 mm
  • Optional 3 speed fan
  • Radiant/Convection
  • Efficiency 60% with .94 grams/kg emissions
  • Burn time up to 10 hours





Width 570 mm
Depth 330 mm
Height 590 mm


Average output 10 kW
Emmissions 0.94 grams/kg
Efficency 65 %
Weight 120 kg
Burn time up 10hrs


Cast iron with ceramic glass
Handle stay cool spring
Log size maximum width 430 mm
Optional 3 speed fan

Installation into a masonry fireplace

Height 1075 mm
Width 1050 mm
Depth 900 mm


  • Nectre-2020.pdf Download
  • Nectre-INBUILT-LE-Operating-Instructions.pdf Download
  • Nectre-INBUILT-LE-Installation-Instructions.pdf Download