Nectre Mk2 – Heats up to 180m2

Nectre Mk2

Made in Australia.

A simple but elegant radiant/convection cast iron heater that circulate warmth effectively throughout any living space.

This is the perfect heater for you if your home is hard to heat and where installation is tight.

What every you choose for your home, a Nectre Mk2 on legs or pedestal, you will be at easy knowing on those wet and cold days you will be able to keep homemade soups warm on his perfect heater.


  • Optional base
    • Legs
    • Pedestal
  • Optional 3 speed fan
  • Cast iron door with ceramic glass
  • Steel firebrick retainer
  • Stay cool spring handle
  • Finished in black metallic black
  • Radiant/Convection heater
  • Heats 170+M2
  • 73 % Efficiency with 0.82 grams/kg emissions
  • Burn time up to 10 hours




Dimensions Mk2 LE

Width 750 mm
Depth 445 mm
Height 680 mm

Dimensions Mk2 PED

Width 750 mm
Depth 445 mm
Width 745 mm

Standard Clearance (900 mm) Rear Flue Shield

Rear 125 mm
Side 450 mm
Corner 200mm
Front (legs) 400 mm
Front (ped) 350 mm


Average output 18 kW
Emmisions .82 grams/kg
Average efficiency 73 %
Heats 170>200 M2
Weight (legs) 140 kg
Weight (ped) 160 kg


Cast iron with ceramic glass
Steel firebrick retainer
Handle stay cool spring
Log size maximum width 475 mm
Finished black metallic paint
Optional 3 speed fan
Burn time up to 10 hrs


  • Nectre-2020.pdf Download
  • Nectre-Mark-2-LE-Installation-Instructions.pdf Download
  • Nectre-Mark-2-LE-Operating-Instructions.pdf Download