Nectre N15 – Heats up to 150m2

Nectre N15

Made in Australia.

This compact radiant Nectre N15 wood heater surely throws out punches above its weight.

A tiny footprint the N15 can produce a remarkable 15 kW peak heat output, enough to combat those winter chills.

With the optional a full size trivet, you will be able to keep your homemade soups and stew warm on those cold and wet winter days, while still being warm and cosy with a Nectre N15.


  • Optional base
  • Legs
  • Pedestal
  • Optional side shields
  • Optional full size trivet
  • Cast iron door with ceramic glass
  • Stay cool spring handle
  • Radiant wood heater
  • Heats up to 150m2
  • Efficiency average 70% with 1.3 grams/kg emissions
  • Burn time up to 10 hrs



Dimensions N15 on legs

Width 460mm
Depth 450mm
Height 660mm
Base width 420mm

Dimensions N15 on Pedestal

Width 460mm
Depth 460mm
Height 725mm
Base width 460mm

Clearances to combustible surfaces - Rear Flue Shield (900 mm)

Rear Clearance 175mm
Side Clearances 750mm
Corner Clearances 750mm
Front Clearance 300mm


Average out put 13 kW
Emmissions 1.3 g/kg
Average Efficifency 79%
Heats up to 150m2
Weight 90 kg
Burn time up 10 hrs


Cast iron door with ceramic glass
Steel firebrick retainer
Handle stay cool spring
Maximum log width 330 mm
Optional side shields
Optional Full size trivet