Nectre N60 – Heats up to 170m2

Nectre N60

The Australian made Nectre N60 is becoming a crowd favorite and will fit in either a traditional or contemporary living area.

If you don’t like the straight, no problems!  N60 has interchanging sides and cook tops to suit what ever sides are to your liking.


  • Heats up to 170 M2
  • 8-10hr burn time
  • 84% efficiency with 0.6g emissions
  • 3 optional sides
    • Naked/straight sides
    • Curved sides
    • Tile sides; choice your own tiles
  • 2 optional cook tops
    • Naked cook top
    • Tiles cook top
    • Curve corner cook top
    • Curve cook top
  • Optional Glass Hearth to suit





Dimensions Naked/Straight sides

Height 1055mm
Width 445mm
Depth 500mm

Dimensions Curved sides

Height 1055mm
Width 575mm
Depth 500mm

Dimensions Tile sides

Height 1055mm
Width 510mm
Depth 500mm

Clearances Naked/Straight sides

Rear 100mm
Side 450mm
Corner 225mm

Clearances Curved sides

Rear 100mm
Side 190mm
Corner 125mm

Clearances Tiled

Rear 100mm
Side 285mm
Corner 125mm


Average Heat output 11kW
Efficiency 73% Average
Heating area Up to 170m2
Emmissions 0.6g/kg
Weight 190 kg
Maximum log width 305mm


Steel door with ceramic glass
Steel firebrick retainer
Concealed ash-pan
Finished black metallic paint


  • Nectre-N60-Installation-Instructions.pdf Download
  • Nectre-N60-Operating-Instructions.pdf Download
  • heating-wood-nectre-n60-brochure.pdf Download