Pacific Energy Esprit – Logs

Esprit Linear Gas Fireplace - Logs

The Esprit – Heats up to 80m2 ( 8.9kW )

The Esprit linear gas fireplace offers Pacific Energy’s highest level of quality, technical innovation, and engineering in a modern landscape. For maximum heat and ultimate energy efficiency, the Esprit utilises large formed steel heat exchanges and standard one-touch programmable remote controls to provide quick, easy control over heat and added energy savings. Even at the lowest settings, flames are appealingly rich and full to gently warm the room.

Designed to impress

The Award winning Esprit Gas Log fire is designed for homes that want a WOW factor, without the WOW price tag. Simple to install, easy to use and packed with every feature available.

Packed with Features

For nights you just want mood, the Esprit can run with flame only mode. Or crank up the 6 Speed fan to heat up to 90+m2 on the colder nights. For summer, the internal lights brings your heater to life.


The Eprit you get to choose between stunning Drift Wood with long lazy flames or more modern with Crystal – but more importantly, you get to adjust the brightness (the amount of yellow) you like with a simple adjustment. No more pre-set flames, the Esprit gives you total control.

Full Control

There are so many features built into the Esprit – and every one is accessible through the Proflame2 remote. Flame Adjustment, Fan Adjustment, Lighting Adjustment, Thermostat Adjustment.

Design your fire

With 3 fascia options, and 2 fire bed options, you can design your Esprit to be yours.

Heat Exchange to boost performance

The Esprit has a built in heat exchange to boost the performance of this heater. The Esprit only uses 31.5mJ of gas, but using a heat exchange you can boost the heat to over 8.9kW. (thats over 90m2 of heating out of a heater that uses 30% less gas than other heaters).

Zero Clearance

Perfect for the new home or renovation, the Esprit is install ready for a timber framed out cavity.

Flue Options

Your Esprit can be flued vertical or horizontal.. It also uses “Direct Vent” technology, This DV system means there is no additional fan needed for the flue, a PLUS your flue also brings outside air into your heater to ensure clean air circulation for your home.

What comes with your Esprit Gas Log Fire?

When you get your Esprit Gas Log Fire, all the extra’s are included.. The Price of the heater includes.. The Fascia, The Logs, The Embers, The Enamel Reflector Liners, The Lights, the Fans, the Micro Mesh Safety Screen, the Remote Thermostat Control- the only additional is the flue : and you get to choose from vertical or horizontal flue terminations.

Safety First

When designing any heat source, safety is always at the forefront. PE believe that with today’s advanced technologies and materials, there’s no need to compromise aesthetics for safety; all gas units feature an integrated micro-mesh screen that creates a virtually invisible safety barrier. Fine woven black stainless steel reduces filtering of radiant heat, providing improved radiant efficiency while allowing a clear, unobstructed view of the flame. Other safety features include fine mesh filters to remove debris from the fuel and state of the art pressure relief system.

Its Brilliant…

The Esprit is what has been missing in the market.. The fire is all about flame, and the long yellow dancing flame is hypnotizing. The added accent lights highlight the logs to give the fire a real depth.. But its the enamel lining that is the winner. unlike Stainless reflectors that fade, the enamel glass liners will reflect your flames to give you a real 3D.

Esprit - Specifications

Remote Control Standard
Flame Settings 6
Flame only mode Yes
Fan Settings 6
Manual Override Yes
Thermostat Yes
Firebox Lights Yes
Fuel Bed Options Logset / Glass / Stone
Flue Style Direct Vent
Vertical Flue Yes
Horizontal Flue Yes
Gas Type NG / LPG
Input 31.7MJ
Output 5.9kW / 93 m2
Warranty 2 year Comprehensive / 10 Year Limited


Height 841mm
Width 1019mm
Depth 400mm

Clearances to combustibles

Rear Clearance 57mm
Side Clearance 100mm