True North TN20 Inbuilt

In Canada, it’s pretty darn cold. There’s snow, there’s ice. It’s horrible. That’s why Canadians invented the True North TN20 Inbuilt. Built for the cold Canadian winters, the TN20 Inbuilt is all the simplicity and brilliance of the freestanding True North models in an inbuilt form.

The TN20 Inbuilt clocks in at 200m² of heat output. That’s some serious heat, and heat is what heater excels at. Inside the firebox, there are four afterburns, pushing air into the firebox. These afterburns produce more heat and more flame, helping distinguish the TN20 Inbuilt from other models on the market. And with these afterburners, efficiency is brought up to 66%, meaning you’ll burn less wood. This environmental cleanliness is also highlighted by the emissions rating, which is as low as 1.1g. This is one clean burning unit.

What makes the True Norths stand out is their phenomenal burn time. The TN20 Inbuilt has a burn time of up to 15 hours on a single load of wood. That is true overnight burn. And this heat is greatly enhanced by the two fans behind the fascia, which push the heat out into the room. Again, this is about serious heat.

The TN20 Inbuilt, purpose designed for those Canadian winters, with its phenomenal heat output, brilliant specifications, and clean burning, is one brilliant wood heater you don’t want to miss.

Efficiency 66%
Emissions 1.8g
Heating Capacity 200m² - 220m²

Fascia Dimensions 965mm x 686mm
Dimensions 640mm x 511mm x 454mm