VLAZE Hearths


If you’re putting a wood heater on a combustible surface (wood, carpet, or floating timber floor) you need a hearth. Now, there are plenty of hearths available on the market, but none of them have what the VLAZE hearths have. Beautiful, English made vitreous enamel baked onto solid British steel, the stunning VLAZE Hearths are a true stunner for your wood heater.

The VLAZE Hearth is available in three distinct styles:
1. Solid Black; a nice shiny black hearth
2. Crackled White; an antique style hearth
3. Black Splatter; a very modern style hearth

Along with these three styles, they are also available in two sizes; 1050mm x 1050mm; and 1200mm x 1200mm.

Made with the discerning taste in mind, the VLAZE hearths are an elegant solution for protecting your floor from your wood heater. They also match perfectly with the VLAZE Heat Shields which are also available. The VLAZE products are made to the highest standard and are tested and approved to Australia’s strict standards.