VLAZE Heat Shields

Vlase Heat Shield


It happens more often than you think. You find the perfect heater for the perfect spot in your house, you get to the install day… and the heater needs to sit far from the wall due to the rear clearances. There is a solution! The VLAZE Heat Shield reduces the rear clearance to combustible materials by 80%. So that frustrating 200mm clearance is now a nice easy 40mm.

But the VLAZE Heat Shields aren’t just functional, they look great too. Made from gorgeous vitreous enamel baked onto British steel, the VLAZE Heat Shield is available in three distinct colours; black enamel; crackle white enamel; and black splatter enamel. No matter which colour you pick, it’s going to look great!

The VLAZE Heat Shield is 1050mm x 1200mm, so it matches both sizes of the VLAZE Hearth perfectly. It is extremely simple to install, with two wall brackets attached to the wall, which the Heat Shield then clicks onto. This allows for the heat shield to be perfectly placed and to match your wood heater and VLAZE Hearth.