Yunca Xander Inbuilt Wood Heater – Heats up to 250m2

Xander Wood Heater

One of the biggest disadvantages of a traditional wood fire is that they’re not designed to run with the door open. Seeing a fire from behind glass isn’t always the same as seeing and feeling the flames directly. This isn’t a problem with the New Zealand designed Yunca Xander, a brilliant inbuilt heater with the added option to lower the door and turn this wood heater into a proper fireplace!

And it is heat that the Yunca Xander was built for. Boasting an impressive 220m² heating range for any good-sized living room, the heat of the Yunca Xander is supported by its unique fan. The two-speed fan will automatically turn on when the heater gets some serious heat behind it, blowing the hot air into the room. With extremely low emissions (0.8g) and 66% efficiency, the Yunca Xander is one clean burning heater, saving you money on wood and keeping the environment clean. All this with a 10 hour burn time is just fantastic.

Available as is for a standard chimney, or with the optional zero clearance box, which allows to build a simple frame to build your own. The Yunca Xander is one unique inbuilt wood heater, with its drop-down door, impressive fan, and clean burning, it is sure to be a centerpiece in your living room.



Efficiency 60%
Emissions 0.8g
Heating Capacity 220m²

Firebox Dimensions

Height 569mm
Width 626mm
Depth 490mm

Fascia Dimensions

Height 680mm
Width 980mm