Yunca Monte Wood Heater – Heats up to 200m2

Yunca Monte

Beautiful New Zealand designed quality, the Yunca Monte wood heater is here to keep you warm all night long. With its large stunning glass and brand-new robust door handle, handling this absolute is an absolute dream.

The Yunca Monte has an extraordinary output of 200m², perfect for the average living space. And this heat doesn’t stay with the heater when the flames are going. The Yunca Monte has ten thermal mass bricks lining its firebox. The bricks retain the heat long after the fire has gone out. This means that when you wake up in the morning, even if the fire has gone out, the heater is still heating your room with residual heat. Brilliant!

With emissions at less than 1g (0.96g!) and efficiency at 69%, this is truly a brilliant, clean burning wood heater perfect for those cold New Zealand (and Australian) nights. To retain as much heat as possible, pairing the Yunca Monte with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue is a brilliant choice. This flue helps retain 8% of all heat usually lost through the flue into the room, saving you a literal tonne of wood every year. You can also customize your Yunca Monte with any of the three different base options; The wood storage box (Euro), the pedestal or the legs.

With its exceptional heat output, clean design, and fantastic emissions rating, the Yunca Monte is a brilliant heater especially for those who want a heat hot all night long and into the morning.



Pedestal and Euro Height 784mm
Leg Model Height 730mm
Width 663mm
Depth 572mm

Clearances to combustible surfaces.

Rear Clearance 200mm
Side Clearances 450mm
Corner Clearances 245mm


Heating 200m²
Efficiency 69%
Emissions 0.96g
Weight 170kg


Fan Optional
Wet Back Optional


  • MonteEuroWood-BurnerInstallationJuly2013.pdf Download