Esse 990 Hybrid Stove

ESSE 990 Hybrid

For those of you who demand the modern features of electric, with the heat that only a wood cooker can create; this cooker is for you.The 990 Hybrid stove is a half wood, half electric cooker that  certainly provides the best of both worlds. The left hand side of the Esse Hybrid is ALL wood. […]

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Esse 990 Wood Stove

ESSE 990 Wood Stove

The award winning ESSE 990 wood stove is no ordinary wood stove. Hand built to perfection. Built to work. Performance Wanting to make the highest efficient cooker – ESSE nail this by including not one – but TWO catalytic after burners that re-burn all your smoke, reducing the emissions to the cleanest burning wood stove […]

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Esse 905 Wood Stove

ESSE 905 Wood Stove

The Esse 905 is perfect for the die hard foodie that just loves to bake. With 2 large cooking ovens both 460mm deep, it will take the largest deep baking trays and with equal heat, the oven offers a baking experience that will turn anyone into a true home baker. Esse’s unique Dog-bone hot plate is […]

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Esse 500+1 Wood Stove

ESSE 500 Wood Stove

The compact ESSE 500+1 wood stove is perfect for the home that needs a cooker…but does not have all the space With a deep single oven, the esse 500+1 you are not compromising anything…she still bakes like the bigger cookers Large Hot Plate Cooking A single large hot plate with removable round rings gives you the […]

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Esse Ironheart Wood Stove

Ironheart Standard

‘The Welcoming warmth of this cook-stove can turn any house into a home’ Created to celebrate 150 years of ESSE, the Ironheart combines the most distinctive features of our cooker and stove ranges; its heritage style offers timeless appeal. Unlike Esse’s enameled cookers, which are designed to contain heat within the body of the cooker, […]

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Esse Bakeheart wood stove

ESSE Bakeheart

Made in the UK – ESSE have been hand making wood stoves since 1854… The Esse Bakeheart is the newest to the Ironheart Family. Offering a stunning interpretation of an traditional bakers oven, packed with features AND tuned for the highest performance; the Bakeheart is no ordinary cooker! Using the same principles as the best […]

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Made in the UK – ESSE have been hand making wood stoves since 1854. The ESSE Warmheart is one of the newest additions to the Ironheart Family. Offering a true wood heater where you can cook on and in, packed with features and tuned for the highest performance; the Warmheart is no ordinary wood heater. […]

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