Nectre Mega – Heats up to 340m2

Nectre Mega

Made in Australia.

The Mega is a must for big living areas.

Nothing challenges a wood heater like modern open plan living.  But it’s hardly a challenge for the aptly named, Mega.

It has been designed with modern living in mind, producing a whopping 35 kW of heat making it one of Australia’s most powerful freestanding heaters.  Capable of turning 340 M2 of open space into a warm comfortable living area.

It’s an ideal heater for large homes or for commercial applications and will make any ski lodge or sporting club a comfortable place to relax.

Powerful, hell yes, but the Mega is certainly no brute when it comes to looks.  The contoured door gives the Mega a soft appearance and opens wide to accept a maximum log width of 500mm.

You can even harness some of the Mega’s power to heat your water system by fitting the optional domestic hot water boiler or with a central heating boiler to operate radiators or underfloor heating systems.


  • Optional base
    • Legs
    • Pedestal
  • Cast iron door with ceramic glass
  • Steel firebrick retainer
  • Finished in black metallic black
  • Maximum log width 500 mm
  • Optional 3 speed fan
  • Optional factory fitted central heating boiler
  • Radiant/Convection heater
  • 65% efficiency rating with 1.5 g/kg emissions
  • Burn time up to 10 hours




Width 760 mm
Depth 540 mm
height 826 mm

Standard Clearance (900 mm) Rear Flue Shield

Rear 200 mm
Side 875 mm
Corner 450 mm
Front 300 mm


Average out put 25 kW
Emmissions 1.5 grams/kg
Average efficiency 65%
Heats up 340m²
Weight (Legs) 170 kg
Weight (Pedestal) 180 kg
Burn time up to 10 hrs


Cast iron door with ceramic glass
Steel firebrick retainer
Handle stay cool spring
Log size maximum width 500mm
Optional 3 speed fan
Optional Boiler factory fitted central heating